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Friday, July 9, 2010

More AR Pics

Duke on his wild horse.

Victoria is getting so big. She is going to high school this year. Such a beautiful girl.

Juliet had a wild little horse and the trail guide called her fluffy. So rude!! She has such a compassionate heart.

Pawpaw with his twin. While we were in AR a random man told him that we didn't need to take a DNA test to find out if Linc was related to him. Pawpaw grinned from ear to ear all day long!!

Linc and his mommy. I love holding him. He is the sweetest little guy!


-Alyson said...

Such great pictures!!! I'm so glad you started a blog!! Yay!!

Adam and Vel said...

Glad u got a blog. I had fun reading it. Linc is a cutie patootie~~