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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Manvel vs Texas City

It has been a long time since I have posted on this blog. The last thing I posted on here were pictures of Manvel. Chad has since become the Offensive Coordinator at Texas City. Chad coached at Manvel HS with his brother for 3 years, and they will be coaching against each other on Friday. His brother still coaches on the deffensive side of the ball at Manvel. Manvel is undefeated and is ranked #6 in the state right now. They have already secured a position in the playoffs. Texas City on the other hand will need to win their last 2 games if they have any hopes of making the playoffs. TC has not made the playoffs in 3 years. Coach Finn wanted Chad to help with the offensive side of the ball which is why he hired him. The offense has actually done pretty well considering how young they are. Chad has a sophomore QB, reciever, and 2 running backs.. so the future looks good as far as all of that is concerned. They just will need to be able to get into the playoffs to be able to see these young boys grow up. We knew when Chad took the job that it would be a stressful situation... a "MUST WIN" situation. We have felt the stress of that all year...especially since we decided that I would stay home and raise the kids this year. I sit in the stands every Friday with my inlaws and children and listen to the cries of the ruthless fans every week. They lost to LaMarque last Friday and some man went to the very front of the stands and screamed at the sidelines "You guys need to be fired!" My blood boiled....the week before a different man did the same thing. It is very hard to sit quietly in the stands and listen to people bashing the coaches. As a wife you know exactly how hard they work and how they truly form relationships with the boys they coach. However, all the fans care about on Friday night is wins and losses. They aren't at all concerned with how the coaches are actually influencing these men to become great men that achieve much in life. They don't care that they are in one of the toughest districts in the state and almost beat the #5 ranked team that is Pearland Dawson the week before. They don't care that the sweet young daughter of Coach Finn who actually attends TCHS is sitting in the stands listening to them bash her hero. They just want to see their team WIN. It is the nature of the business....so we all have no choice but to suck it up.

I constantly feel like I want to pray about it, but I have had many conversations with the Lord about whether or not He really cares about who wins or loses a football game. I am sure the wives on the other team are also praying for their husbands so how does the Lord know whose prayer to answer? I have resigned to asking him to just give Chad wisdom to call the right plays at the right times...and I think He has answered that. Let's hope he continues to do that for the rest of the season!