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Sunday, July 11, 2010


I have been reading James Dobson's book for most of the summer and let me tell you I don't understand where the encouragement is. You see on the maroon line where it says, "practical advice and encouragement...??" Well, let me tell you I am still searching for that part. In its defense I have not quite finished the book, but I am pretty close. I have learned so much from this book. I do recommend it, but as a mother it has proven to me that I don't know much about raising a boy AT ALL!! Basically a lot of their raising depends on their fathers!! There is a whole chapter devoted to the negative effects of the lack of a father figure in a young boy's life. I am very blessed that Chad loves to spend lots of time with Linc, but I am wondering where my role is in all of the raising?? I hope I don't nag him to death with my comments of " well the book says you should....." I am sure he won't appreciate that too much. I think the main thing I am supposed to do is keep Linc alive because from what I can tell he will be getting into fights, jumping off of trees, playing with all kinds of unsanitary animals, and engaging in whatever risky behavior is available. One thing that I know I have to do is protect my marriage. Unfortunately for young boys when a divorce happens the father typically leaves and the boy no longer has a regular example of how to be a man. A mother can try her best, but in adolescense she doesn't really have a clue. Marriage is fragile especially if you take seriously 1 Peter 5:8 (New King James Version)
Be sober, be vigilant; because
your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. It sucks to know that Satan hates marriage, but I am sure that he knows that if he can destroy that he can easily get to our kids. May Christ be greater in my family and yours and may we constantly seek His face so that He can show us how to avoid life's pitfalls!

Friday, July 9, 2010

More AR Pics

Duke on his wild horse.

Victoria is getting so big. She is going to high school this year. Such a beautiful girl.

Juliet had a wild little horse and the trail guide called her fluffy. So rude!! She has such a compassionate heart.

Pawpaw with his twin. While we were in AR a random man told him that we didn't need to take a DNA test to find out if Linc was related to him. Pawpaw grinned from ear to ear all day long!!

Linc and his mommy. I love holding him. He is the sweetest little guy!

Arkansas Trip 5 months

Thanks to a very generous Pawpaw we were all able to travel up to Arkansas to meet Linc's great grandmother, Bon-bon. I had no idea that Arkansas was so beautiful. We stayed at a lodge up on Queen Wilhemenia mountain. We went horse back riding, rode the train, and went to the neatest little wildlife refuge. I would post those pictures, but Chad was in charge of the camera and instead of taking pictures he always seems to want to film everything. So I have like 20 little video snippets.

Me, Linc, and Chad at the Red River.

The Butler family on the Wilhemnia train.

Linc and Daddy at the Red River.

Memaw, Bon-bon and their grandkids.

Lincoln Chadley Butler

Ok.. so this is way late because Lincoln is now 5 months old. On Feb. 3rd, 2010 at 6:26 pm Lincoln was born. He was 21 inches long and he weighed 7lbs 12 ozs. I felt like he weighed at least 15 lbs. He has been such a blessing to our lives. He is such a good baby. Everyone constantly tells us that he is great. He set the bar high for any siblings he has should the Lord bless us with one or two or three :)